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Wanzhi Group
Strict Quality Control System And Reliable Metal Material Service Providers

The professional legal department, the rapid after-sales service response and the high standard requirements for each link all come from the continuous exploration and pursuit of the metal material industry of Wanzhi Iron & Steel over the years.

  • Global Service

    We always provide people a complete solution focused of any business.

  • Multiple Transport

    Different types of transportation to meet the needs of various customers.


We have more than
years of experience

About Company
We have 17 years experience

The predecessor of Wanzhi Group was founded in 2002 in Henan ZidongIron and Steel Center by the founder and chairman of the group, Mr. Wang Huamin.

Wanzhi Steel is a subsidiary of Wanzhi Group's import and export business. It relies on Zhengzhou Wanzhi Materials Co., Ltd., a branch in Henan Province, responsible for the operation of metal materials import and export business. It is also the own trademark and brand of Wanzhi Group.

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Why Choose Us

We undertake a variety of types of medium-scale engineering projects, focusing on the overall expansion of our business scope and multi-channel parallelism, so far the rapid growth.

  • High quality raw material

    Adopt the high quality stainless steel material, do not rust, do not fade, not easy to scratch.

  • A variety of craft

    A variety of processing technology, a full range of to meet your needs.

  • Heavily regulated

    Layers of strict control, unqualified products do not leave the factory customers rest assured.

  • Quality assurance

    Craftsmanship casting, carefully polished every detail, to ensure quality.

Widely used in various fields

The real case

Widely used in machinery and equipment manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, computers, high-tech product parts, etching, auto parts, kitchen supplies, adjusting gaskets, metal stamping spring shrapnel, stainless steel foil used for die and other industries.

Customize us faster

Response within 5 minutes before sales, quotation within 1 hour at the fastest, first sample in 3 days at the fastest, conventional supply 2 days shipment.

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Wan Zhi steel will serve you wholeheartedly

It has 9 major metal materials import and export departments, covering more than 90 kinds of metal
materials products throughout the entire industrial chain.

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